Juan Pablo

19 years old
Northern Walk

When I did Crossroads in Spain several years ago, I met an American guy who had done the American Crossroads. When he told me about the American Crossroads I was surprised and in fact thought: “It would be cool to do that”. However, I didn’t think it would be possible because I had to have a really good level of English.

Several years later, in the summer after my freshman year of college, I wanted to volunteer in an English speaking country.  One of my sisters suggested for me to do Crossroads in America, and my answer was: “Yeah it would be awesome!”

After that, I contacted the Crossroad’s office; I searched flights; I read the previous walker profiles; and, I started to research a lot.

When I saw that the Northern walk went through the Big Apple, Chicago, and Cleveland, I didn’t doubt I wanted to do the Northern Walk. My dream from a couple of years ago could become a reality.

This summer I have come to give and to be a voice to all the babies that die daily and annually, in every part of the world, due to the biggest genocide in human history: abortion. Crossroads gives you the chance to take steps in favor of life and increase the pro-life witness in this beautiful country through sacrifice, prayer, and activism.

Northern Walk

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