22 years old
College of William and Mary
Northern Walk

I am walking in order to be more actively involved in the pro-life movement and to be an active witness for Christ and His love by sharing His Gospel of Life. When I was first made aware of this program, I felt called as it seemed to be a great way to use my interest and knowledge of the outdoors for a worthy. I am looking forward to the fellowship and praying with my Roman Catholic brothers and sisters, and am excited to be involved with an organization that is so staunchly pro-life. The Roman Catholic church has been a vocal and resolute bulwark against the strong rush of the world against any an all pro-life values and I’m therefore thrilled to be participating in a devout Roman Catholic organization such as Crossroads. I look forward to sharing what I learn this summer so that others may be able to see the Truth of God, in Christ, and the value that each and every human being has as a result.

Northern Walk


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