Pro-Life Scholarship Fund

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The new mission of Crossroads is to provide Pro-Life Scholarships to college students who are making a real difference in the Pro-Life movement. We are very sad to no longer be walking, but after much prayer and discernment, we are convinced that this new mission is what the Lord is calling us to. Our last summer with walks across the US was 2019 (our 25th annual summer in a row!). Right before that, we started our Pro-Life Scholarship Fund as an additional project and we are now dedicating 100% of our resources to this new initiative!

After the overturning of Roe v. Wade, the mission to save lives is going to critical at the state level. That is why we are providing scholarships to pro-life young people to help them become leaders in their communities and continue spreading St. Pope John Paul II’s call to build a Culture of Life and spread the Gospel of Life.

Going forward, 100% of funds raised will go towards the Crossroads Pro-Life Scholarship Fund. Our goal is to give out over $500,000.00 in scholarships this coming 2023/2024 school year. Check back soon to see which schools are participating!