Pro-Life Walk Across Ireland Begins

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Family & Life

A group of young pro-lifers have begun a walk which will make a circuit of the island of Ireland, to raise awareness of the dignity of unborn human life. Their aim is to help bring about a Culture of Life and a renewed respect for the dignity and sanctity of all human life, from the very beginning in the womb until natural death. Over the course of four weeks, the group of Irish young people will cover 1,000 km, visiting most of Ireland’s major towns and cities. The walk, which began on Monday, continues until July14.

The young walkers will stop in towns along the way to distribute pro-life literature and to speak in churches about the pro-life cause. Towns and cities on the route include Dublin, Cork, Galway, Belfast, Limerick, Waterford, Sligo and Derry.

The first Crossroads walk was started in 1995 as a response to Pope John Paul II’s call to the youth of the world to take an active role in the pro-life movement in order to establish a Culture of Life. Walks are now held annually in the United States, Canada, Spain and Ireland.