Canadian Crossroads Walk Begins in Toronto

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By John Jalsevac

August 7, 2008 ( – On Tuesday five young men and women began a 450 kilometer walk from Toronto to Ottawa, Canada’s capital city, in an effort to raise awareness about pro-life issues.

The five walkers constituted Canada’s participation in the growing Crossroads organization, which every summer sees dozens of volunteers walk thousands of miles across the U.S. and Canada in support of the Culture of Life. This is the second year that Canada has had such a walk.

Last year’s walk began in Vancouver and ended in Ottawa, clocking some 4500 kilometers.

Nicole Campbell, the coordinator for this year’s walk, told LifeSiteNews that unfortunately, due to time and volunteer restraints, it wasn’t possible to organize the full-length walk this year, but that they intend to do so again in future years.

For now, said Campbell, “a short walk is better than not having anything.”

Campbell indicated that it was especially important that the Canadian Crossroads walk be kept alive this year, following the travesty of Henry Morgentaler being named to the Order of Canada. With the abortion debate having sprung to the fore in Canada, the time is ripe for young pro-life activists to make themselves heard.

This year’s trek began on Tuesday, with Mass at the cathedral in the morning. Following Mass the walkers gathered with a number of student workers from Campaign Life Coalition in front of the Scott abortion clinic to protest, pray and counsel women seeking abortions. After that they went to the C.N. Tower, where they officially kicked off the walk.

LifeSiteNews today spoke with 30-year-old Tim Semlar, the leader of the group of five, who said that the walkers have made it as far as Cobourg, Ontario.

The other four volunteers are Charles Pobee from Mensah NC, Sarah Gatt and Trisha Brownfield from Florida, and Clare Reeler from Ottawa.

The 2nd Canadian Crossroads walk will end in Ottawa on August 14th. Along the way the walkers will visit numerous churches and parishes, giving talks on pro-life issues and drumming up donations for the cause.

Campbell strongly encouraged supporters to attend a concluding pro-life Mass to be said at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Ottawa on May 15th at 7 pm. After the Mass there will be a reception featuring Debbie Fisher from Silent No More Awareness, and Tim Semlar, the leader of this year’s walk. will be providing frequent updates about the whereabouts and activities of the Crossroads walkers over the next two weeks, including detailed profiles of each of the walkers. Stay tuned.

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