Crossroads Teams Prepare for Summer 2008 Walks

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SEATTLE, SAN FRANCISCO, LOS ANGELES & CANADA- For the 14th summer in a row, students from colleges and unversities across the country will be walking with Crossroads on a record FOUR simultaneous pro-life walks across America and Canada.

These American walks start in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles on Friday, May 23rd and end together in Washington DC on August 12th at the U.S. Capitol building. The Canadian walk starts August 3rd in Toronto and will end in Ottowa at the Canadian parliament building on August 16th.

From the Pacific coast to the Atlantic, these simultaneous walks for life will cover over 11,000 miles, pass through 38 states, 2 provinces and thousands of towns and cities.

“Crossroads was started in reponse to the late John Paul II’s call to the youth of America at the World Youth Day in Denver, Colorado to ‘build a Culture of Life'” said Jim Nolan, president of Crossroads. “He challenged the youth of America and the world to ‘Be not afraid’.

For more information on Crossroads and the possibility of walking this summer, check us out on our website at or give us a call at (800) 353-8817.