Add Pro-Life Search Engine to your Browser

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FOR INTERNET EXPLORER USERS (Firefox users see bottom link)

To make the site your default Search Engine (Internet Explorer 7.0 & higher)

1) Go Under “Tools” and select “Internet Options”
2) Under the “Search” section select “Settings”
3) Then click on the “Find more providers” link on the bottom of the next box
4) This will then take you to a webpage. On the right you’ll see the “Create your own” option.
5) Follow the directions and then click “Install” make sure to name your new engine “Pro-Life Internet”
6) Close internet explorer and reopen it.
7) Follow steps 1 and 2 above again.
8) Then click on “Pro-Life Internet” and select it as your default search provider.
9) You’re done – now the google box should say “Pro-Life Internet” on it.

To make the site your default home page:

1) Click “Tools” at the top of the Internet Explorer Page.
2) Select “Internet Options”
3) Under “Home Page” change the address to the following (cut and paste it if you like”
4) Then click “Apply” on the bottom of the page.
5) Close and then reopen Internet Explorer and it should now be your home page.

FOR MOZILLA FIREFOX USERS – Cut and paste the link below to get the plugin for Firefox and you’ll be all set!