Pro-Life Walk Across Canada Reaches Halfway Mark

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WINNIPEG, MANITOBA – For the first time in history, a group of Canadian youth are walking from coast to coast to promote the dignity of human life.

“I chose to walk with Crossroads this summer because I feel it is my responsibility to defend the sanctity and dignity of human life,” said Etienne O’Toole, a student at the University of British Columbia. “In a society in which life is being attacked from all sides, more than ever before pro-lifers have to raise their voices and make some sound.”

The organization is affiliated with a group from the United States called Crossroads, and began in America with transnational walks there over ten years ago.

“When I first heard about Crossroads down in the States, I thought it would be awesome to have something like that in Canada,” said Jeremy Fraser of High River, Alberta, who studies at Thomas Aquinas College in California. “So when the opportunity came to walk across Canada to witness to the right to life, I could not say ‘no.'”
The trek across Canada will take three months and stretch the span of Canada, from Vancouver to Quebec.