Group Begins Walk Across Canada

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia – For the first time ever, a group of Canadian youth are walking from the coast to the Capital to promote the dignity of human life.

Made up of college-age youth from across Canada, the group started their 11 week trek this past weekend in Vancouver and spoke to area churches before, literally, hitting the road. They are scheduled to make it to Ottawa on August 11th and have planned a “Rally for Life” at the Capital.

“This walk is very counter-cultural,” said walk leader Cyril Doll of Calgary, “but we believe that there is a silent majority of Canadians who
share our views. We aren’t walking in protest of abortion as much as we are out to change hearts and minds on the issue – at the grass roots level”

The organization is affiliated with a group from the United States called Crossroads which has sponsored pro-life walks across America and Europe since 1995. Crossroads was started in response to the late John Paul II’s address to the 1993 World Youth Day in Denver, Colorado where he challenged the youth ofthe world to “go to the highways and byways” and help build a Culture of Life.

This year the U.S. groups started in Seattle, San Francisco, and Los
Angeles on the same weekend as the Vancouver walk and are scheduled to end onAugust 11th as well with a rally in Washington, D.C.