Crossroads Attends 33rd Annual March for Life

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For the second year in a row, Crossroads members handed out over 17,000 pro-life bumper stickers at the 33rd Annual March for Life in Washington, DC on January 23rd.

Standing outside the MCI Center, they gave the free bumper stickers out to thousands of people, young and old, coming out of the 20,000 strong Mass that is held in the center each year.

“This is a great thing” said Martha Nolan, National Director of Crossroads. “The Mass was so packed that they had to turn people away after the 20,000 seat arena was filled to capacity. What an awesome problem to have!”

Unofficial estimates were over 200,000 people for this years March. “We are seeing a trend in March attendance” said Jim Nolan, President of Crossroads. “The younger generation in America is overwhelmingly pro-life, so I believe we are going to see numbers at the March increase exponentially year after year.”

Mark Thomason personally greeted hundreds of Marchers as they walked to the supreme court. “I’ve been recruiting for Crossroads at dozens of colleges across the country over the past few months and I’m seeing this trend nationwide – young people are rejecting the culture of death we live in” said Thomason. “They are not afraid to speak their mind and be pro-life…they’re proud to stand up for what they believe in.”

Crossroads conducts pro-life walks across America each summer. They also organize collegiate pro-life groups on campuses across the country and give pro-life talks.

If you are interested in walking with Crossroads or inviting them to your school, please check them out at or call (800) 353-8817.