Pro Life Walkers Face the Heat

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A group of college students who are walking across America to show their commitment to life have faced a number of obstacles — from nature’s unrelenting heat and hurricanes to the unfriendly climate at the United Nations. Touring in New York City, the walkers were temporarily compelled to turn their T-shirts, which bear the words “Pro Life.”

“It was eventually resolved by the folks at the United Nations, but it seemed rather odd, since they don’t hassle other student groups who have an antithetical agenda,” said Martha Nolan, national director of Crossroads, Pro Life. “This sort of treatment is not uncommon, despite the fact that our mission, promoting a culture of life, is supported by at least half of America, as well as much of the world.”

The group, slated to make its final steps of the U.S. Capitol on Aug. 6 will fly to Brussels, Belgium, a few days later to begin a 150-mile walk into World Youth Day in Germany. This is the 11th consecutive summer that Crossroads has sponsored walks across the U.S. and the second trip to World Youth Day.

Averaging some 20 miles a day, the walkers have traversed 3,000 miles in three months. Their rally in Washington will include keynote speaker Austin Ruse, president of the Culture of Life Foundation.

Crossroads was founded in Steubenville, Ohio, in 1995, as a response to Pope John Paul II’s call for America’s youth to become active in helping to establish a culture of life.

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