Pro-Life Youth Nearing End of Walk

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A group of young pro-lifers is nearing the end of several cross-country walks. “Crossroads” is the name of the event, which features young people walking across the nation and stopping along the way to conduct rallies for the unborn.

Group spokesman Andrew Doran says this year’s effort features three separate cross-country treks. “One started in Seattle, one in San Francisco, and one in San Diego,” Doran shares. “[All three] are going east from the West Coast — three-month walks, 3,000 miles [each], roughly.” Walkers on the three routes are scheduled to arrive in Washington, DC, on August 6.

Doran says the walkers carry a message of hope to every city they visit along the way. “All human life is sacred from conception until natural death and should be afforded — by the law and by the individual, and … by the culture — the dignity that every human life deserves,” he says. At any given time, Doran says 40 to 45 walkers are taking part in the annual event. Some, he says, can only go halfway, and others join the group en route.