Students Brave Mid-West Heat Wave on Pro-Life Walk

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DALLAS, TX – LINCOLN, NE – MINNEAPOLIS, MN – For the 11th consecutive summer, Crossroads, a group of over 40 college students from across the country, is conducting three 3,000-mile walks across America, from the west coast to the east coast to promote the value of human life.

“Each of the groups continue to walk through the blistering heat that has hit the mid-West in recent days,” said Martha Nolan, National Director of Crossroads. “Unfortunately for the walkers, that happens to be right where they are this weekend. But this is part of the struggle and the sacrifice. In the end, it’s all well worth it.”

The three month journeys began on the west coast in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle in May, and will conclude in August at the steps of the United States Capitol Building, after which, the 40 walkers will travel to World Youth Day in Cologne, Germany. This weekend marks the halfway point for each of the walks.

“Day and night are basically consumed with walking during the week. But on the weekends, we are able to stop in cities to speak at churches and to other groups to promote our mission,” said Susan Sefranek of Champaign, Illinois, a recent college graduate.

Combined, the walks will cover over 9,500 miles, walk through 31 states, and encounter millions of Americans along the way, including an estimated 250,000 people in churches alone this summer.

This weekend, the walkers will be in Dallas, Lincoln, and Minneapolis.

“Life issues are considered by many to be taboo, but we have found that most people, at the very least, respect the moral courage it takes to stand up for what you believe in rather than the indifference that tends to plague society today,” said Northern Walk Leader Matthew Maes, of Atlanta, Georgia. “We are not trying to force our values down anyone’s throat, it’s quite the contrary, we have a very simple message about the sanctity of all human life. We have listened patiently to the other side. Now it is our turn to be heard.”

For more information on Crossroads, please contact Martha Nolan at (800) 353-8817 or visit our website,