Annual Walk Across America Crosses Montana

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HELENA, MT– For the 11th consecutive summer, a group consisting of dozens of college students from all around the country, called Crossroads, is sponsoring a 3,000-mile walk across America to witness to the sanctity of human life. The walk began in Seattle, WA and will conclude at the steps of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC., in August. This week, the group will continue its trek eastward through Montana toward Billings.

“These morally courageous youth are sacrificing their vacations and leaving behind the comforts of home to walk, pray, and witness to a culture of life in America,” said Martha Nolan, the National Director of Crossroads.

For over ten years, Crossroads has sponsored national walks across America from the West Coast to Washington, D.C., and consists of volunteer college students. This summer, Crossroads is sponsoring three walks: A Northern walk from Seattle; one from San Francisco; and a third from Los Angeles. Each will finish on the steps of the U.S. Capitol on August 6, before the three groups go to World Youth Day in Cologne, Germany.

Combined, the walks will cover over 9,500 miles, walk through 31 states, and encounter millions of Americans along the way, including an estimated 200,000 people in churches alone.

Crossroads was founded ten years ago in Steubenville, Ohio, as a response to Pope John Paul II’s call for the youth of America to “preach the Gospel of Life from the rooftops,” at World Youth Day in Denver, Colorado in 1993. Since then, Crossroads has sponsored walks across America to “witness to the sanctity of every human life, from conception, until natural death.”

“America is a nation which should value every human life, no matter how weak or vulnerable,” said Matthew Maes Northern Walk Leader. “And we are dedicated to changing hearts and minds in this culture, until this becomes a reality.”

This weekend, Crossroads will be in Billings, Montana, speaking at several churches.

For more information about Crossroads, please contact 800-353-8817 or