3,000 Mile Walk Across America Crosses Utah

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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – For the 11th consecutive summer, a group of Pro Life college students called Crossroads is sponsoring walks across America. Their mission is to help restore a “culture of life.” This past weekend, Crossroads spoke at several churches in the Salt Lake City area.

“These courageous youth are sacrificing their vacations and leaving behind the comforts of home to walk, pray, and help to bring about a culture of life. The walks are a direct response to the call of Pope John Paul at World Youth Day in Denver in 1993 for the youth of America to ‘preach the Gospel of Life from the rooftops,’” said Martha Nolan, the National Director of Crossroads.

For over ten years, Crossroads has sponsored national walks across America from the West Coast to Washington, D.C., consisting of volunteer college students. This summer will be the first time that there will be three walks: The first originating in Seattle, WA, the second in San Francisco, and the third in Los Angeles – all of them converging on the steps of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, on August 6.

Combined, the three walks will cover over 9,500 miles, walk through 31 states, and encounter hundreds of thousands of Americans on the highways, and byways, as well as at churches on the weekends. “In over 10 years, we have reached over 1 million Catholics alone at churches, with the message that all human life is a gift, and that we must welcome, cherish and be open to each life,” said Nolan..

“Step by step, we hope to make a difference, by standing up to the truth that all human life is sacred. We know in our hearts that if we are able to save one life this summer we have accomplished our mission, said David Tovey, the Central Walk Leader.

This week, the Crossroads walkers will continue eastward on Route 40 towards the Colorado border.

For more information about Crossroads, please call 800-353-8817 or e-mail martha@crossroadswalk.org