Crossroads finishes Spring Break Pro-Life Walk

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MIAMI, FL – During this Spring Break, college students from across the country tood part in the first annual Crossroads pro-life walk up the Florida coast. The walk began in Miami on Monday, March 28th and ended in St. Augustine on Saturday, April 2rd. Out of support for Terri Schiavo and her family, the walkers symbolically started the spring break walk in Pinellas Park, Florida to pray for Terri and stand up for all human life, from conception until Natural death.

During the walk, they reached out to thousands of individuals, families and beachgoers to promote the Culture of Life in Florida and across America. They will spoke to youth groups, churches and anyone along the route about their mission – all to promote the dignity of every human life – from conception to natural death.

“Thousands of College students were visiting the Beaches in Florida during their Spring Break. This was a great opportunity for us to share with them the importance of building a Culture of Life in America,” remarked JD Flynn, a Crossroads director.

Crossroads was founded ten years ago as a response to Pope John Paul II’s call for the youth of America to “preach the Gospel of Life from the rooftops.” Since 1995, Crossroads has sponsored national walks across America every summer to “witness to the sanctity of every human life, from conception, until natural death.”

“Our generation has been most effected by abortion” remarks Mark Fein, an Ave Maria University student who is leading the Spring Break walk. “Approximately 1/3 of my generation has been lost due to abortion and this will continue unless people speak out in defense of the unborn.”

“For Floridians that battle to protect innocent human life has come to the forefront in the case of Terri Schiavo,” remarks Flynn. “The life of a living breathing human being was being attacked and we wanted to pray for Terri, her family, and the conversion of the hearts of those who desired to end her life.”

Crossroads walkers began walking in Miami and spent the week praying, walking, and witnessing to those they met along the way with the Pro-life message “This was a great opportunity for young Americans to take a stand for the life of Terri Schiavo, the unborn, and all people whose lives are in jeopardy because of abortion and the attacks against innocent human life,” said Fein. “Giving up our Spring Break was a small sacrifice when compared to the value of even one single human life,” said Fein.

“America is truly pro-life,” says Flynn. “Step by step, we are making a difference, and if we saved one life or changed one heart this Spring Break then we accomplished our mission.”

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