Fundraising begins for 11th Annual Pro-Life Walks

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STEUBENVILLE, OH – Crossroads has begun raising much needed funds for its 11th Annual Pro-Life Walks. This summer Crossroads will be conducting 3 simultaneous cross-country walks across America. All three walk will begin on May 21st from Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles and will cross through 34 states over 11 weeks, ending in Washington, DC on August 6th.

We are also in the beginning stages of planning a “Culture of Life” conference in Gaming, Austria followed by a Pro-Life walk into World Youth Day in Cologne, Germany. This conference and walk would take place immediately following the conclusiong of the US walks and would be made up of American and European students from around the world. Our hope is that we will be able to spread the Pro-Life message to the over 1 million youth from around the world that will be attending World Youth Day.

It should be noted that Crossroads was started in response to the Holy Father’s call to the youth of the world at the first international World Youth Day in Denver over 11 years ago. His call was to go the “higways and byways” and help build up a Culture of Life.

Because of the incredible amount of planning and coordinating involved with 3 walks and the tentative walk to World Youth Day, Crossroads has stepped up fundraising to ensure that the walks continue to make a real difference across the country.

“It’s never easy to ask for money” said Jim Nolan, President of Crossroads “but it helps to have complete confidence in the mission and to know that the past ten years have been a great success.”

“We aren’t asking people to invest in an experiment. This has been tried and it has proven to save babies.”

Crossroads is proud of their ability to supply numbers and information from past years and they hope that this will appeal to their donors.

“We know Crossroads has saved babies, we know we’ve helped mothers in crisis and we know we’ve changed hearts and minds. Our mission has always been straight forward and so is our Capital Campaign, says Nolan. We hope to be able to meet the basic needs for each walk.”

Nolan hopes Crossroads will be able to sponsor all three walks this summer because of the importance of witnessing to as much of the country as possible.

“People along the way of each route have always looked forward to encountering Crossroads. We’d like to be able to give everyone an opportunity to meet thses young groups of people sacrificing their entire summer. We have the volunteers, now all that is needed is the financial help to make it a reality.”

For more information please contact Crossroads at 1-800-353-8817 or visit them on the web at