Crossroads Continues Pilgrimage to Free Preborn

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WASHINGTON,- Crossroads walkers will enter Nebraska tonight on their way to Washington, D.C. Each summer since 1995, Crossroads has sponsored groups of college students who volunteered their time to walk across the country in prayerful witness to the sanctity of all human life.

For the next week, the Crossroads walkers will trek through the Cornhusker State, talking to the people they meet along the way, and praying at abortion clinics. “While Americans are celebrating our national day of independence,” said Martha Nolan, director of Crossroads, “we will be remembering the thousands of preborn babies who will die this weekend from abortion. Independence and freedom should not be limited to some, but instead be extended to all.”

Crossroads will arrive in Nebraska tonight traveling east on US 30. The walkers will continue on US 30 until they reach Grand Island, where they will switch to US 34 for the remainder of their walk through the state. Crossroads will reach Lincoln next Wednesday, July 9. “Nebraska is a great place to visit,” said Nolan. “Each year when we visit, Nebraskans embrace us and let us know they are really encouraged by the work we do.”

Thus far this summer, the Crossroads walk has been satisfying. While praying and counseling at abortion mills in Sacramento and Salt Lake City, Crossroads walkers were able to convince pregnant mothers to reconsider aborting their children. “We are witnessing as mothers choose life over death for their babies,” said Nicholas DiGiovanni, Crossroads walk leader. “This makes our summer well worth it.