Crossroads Pro-Life Walk – Kickoff 2003

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By Vicki Evans

As the heavy fog swirled in the early afternoon of May 29, a procession over fifty strong made its way over
footpath of the Golden Gate Bridge, witnessing for life and offering prayers for an end to abortion. Their
message was highlighted by T-shirts and sweatshirts boldly proclaiming the messages: “PRO-LIFE” and

Thus began the 2003 Crossroads pilgrimage across the country from San Francisco to Washington D.C.
Crossroads consists of a
selfless groups of college students who sacrifice their summer vacation to bring the pro-life message to
scores of cities around the country.

These collegiate youth will preach, teach and conduct TV, radio and
newspaper interviews as they travel, and offer their prayers and enthusiasm for the cause of life. This year,
seventeen marchers began their trek on May 29th in San Francisco and will conclude on August 15th in
Washington D.C.

Marching alongside the core Crossroads group were representatives from Rock for Life, and young adults – actually, anyone born after 1973 who has survived the abortion holocaust. Another group of marchers made up of infants and children with ages ranging from nine months to the early teen years, along with their parents. Pro-life adult and senior citizen contingents participated as well.

There were even imbedded journalists taking pictures and videos, and some Bridge police on bicycles facilitating the flow of traffic. One of the most gratifying things about the march was the number of children and young people
participating. As the average age of the pro-abortionists increases, the pro-lifers just seem to get younger
and younger. This result is not surprising given the counter-cultural instincts of youth and their innate
sense of the unfairness of extinguishing life before it begins.

As the majority of us completed our walk at the Vista Point on the Marin/North end of the Bridge, the
Crossroads collegiate continued marching into Marin and on to Napa and eventually to Washington D.C.

What a witness to the Culture of Life!