Youth Begin 5th Annual Pro-Life Trek Across U.S.

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WASHINGTON, DC – A group of college students began their fifth annual walk across America on Monday to raise awareness of the pro-life cause, and added a separate second group of walkers for the first time.

Crossroads, a pro-life student organization based in Steubenville, Ohio, organized the walks that begin in San Francisco and Los Angeles and end in Washington, DC on August 14. In between, the walkers will cover 3,400 miles in 28 cities and 21 states, speaking to groups on chastity, abortion, and the “culture of death.”

“Almost all of the students in Crossroads were born after 1973, and that means that they could have been ‘legally’ destroyed while living in their mothers’ wombs. It’s time people in our generation understand this horrendous fact,” said Crossroads founder Steve Sanborn.

“We’re out there to peacefully gain attention for the pro-life movement. We also wish to ask the American Catholic bishops to do all in their power to end the scourge of abortion,” said Northern Walk leader Mark De Young. “The influence of the American Catholic bishops in our nation could stop abortion, and we will pray for them daily while on this pilgrimage for life.”

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