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Crossroads is postponed until Summer 2022

Due to the ongoing uncertainty caused by COVID-19 as well as other factors, Crossroads has decided to postpone our annual Pro-Life Walks Across America until Summer 2022. Please check back with us starting in September 2021 for updated news. For any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime using the “Contact Us” page on…

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Faith at the Crossroads

Young Pro-Lifers Complete 21st Annual Cross-Country Walk By Cecilia O’Reilly, Register Correspondent National Catholic Register WASHINGTON — After 12 weeks of both silent protesting and vocal testimonies, dozens of young Americans gathered outside the U.S. Capitol to rally in defense of life, after trekking from West to East Coast for that very cause. These young…

Walker Profiles



Age 23

Hi, I’m Kyle, and I’m 23, from Illinois. This summer, I’m walking to be a witness to what it means to be pro-life. I think certain media, and propaganda can make people feel cornered into a…

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Age 18

My name is Victoria, I’m 19, and from Northern Virginia. It’s been a dream of mine to walk Crossroads for years, and I’ve always been passionately pro-life;  it’s the thing that matters most…

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