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Crossroads Program Walks for Life
Source: University of Dallas News
"Why am I pro-life?" Dave Bathon asked on Nov. 3, at Campus Ministry's Dinner and Discourse. [more...]

Trek Across the Country Reveals a Pro-Life America
Source: Catholic News Agency
After weeks of witness on the road, in church youth groups, and in front of abortion clinics [more...]

Student is a Walking Witness
Source: The Free Lance-Star
Spotsylvania student spends her summer crossing the country to share pro-life message [more...]

Walking Cross Country With a Purpose
Source: Maryville Daily Forum
Some people walk because they enjoy being outside. Some walk to enjoy quiet time away from the cares of the world [more...]

Walkers Bring Pro-Life Message Through Colorado
Source: The Fort Morgan Times
The group of young activists that walked through Fort Morgan early this week are quite literally spreading their pro-life message across the United States. [more...]

Crossroads Students Walk, Pray for Unborn Children
Source: Intermountain Catholic
Pro-life students walk across America for the sanctity of life and an end to abortion [more...]

Priest Walks Coast-to-Coast for Pro-Life Cause
Father Hoeberech, a Lowell, Mass. priest, began his walk for Crossroads, a coast-to-coast pro-life pilgrimage [more...]

Virginia Teen Walking From Coast to Coast for Life
Source: Arlington Catholic Herald
Three months could mean a lot of things for college students: a trip to Europe, a bank-account boosting summer job, repeated days of waking up at 2pm [more...]

Majority of Americans say they're Pro-Life
New poll shows majority of Americans are pro-life [more...]

National Sanctity of Human Life Day 2009
Source: The White House
A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America [more...]

Italian Nuns Refuse to Remove Feeding Tube
The nuns who run the hospice in which Eluana [more...]

Half of Black Babies Are Aborted
Source: The Ithaca Journal
Biracial Barack Obama's election is being hailed [more...]

Protestors Attack Young Pro-Life People Praying
Source: Catholic News Agency
VIDEO LINK - The confrontation happened in Neuquen, Argentina [more...]

Walkers End Canadian Crossroads Walk for Life
Five Canadians participating in the Crossroads pro-life awareness walk that began in Toronto on August 5 [more...]

Canadian Crossroads Walk Begins in Toronto
On tuesday, five young men and women began a 450 kilometer walk [more...]

Group Travels Across U.S. With Pro-Life Message
Source: New Ulm Journal
A group of college-age youths is spreading a pro-life message across the United States, one step at a time. [more...]

Pro-Life Walkers Continue Putting Miles on Shoes
For the fourteenth summer in a row, a group of dedicated young adults are literally taking the [more...]

Walkers Take anti-abortion Protest on the Road
Source: Rapid City Journal
Nicole Hendershot says she is living the college student's dream this summer [more...]

Pro-Life Walkers Pass Through Salt Lake City
Source: Salt Lake Tribune
The pro-life crossroads walkers attended Mass at the Cathedral [more...]

Volleyball Champ Sacrificed Life for Unborn Child
A Polish volleyball star who was buried on June 9 is being compared to [more...]

Pro-Life Expression Forbidden on Australian Campus
The Student Union at Queensland University have shown themselves to be opposed [more...]

"Racism & Abortion Stem from Same Poisonous Root"
Dr. Alveda King, Pastoral Associate of Priests for Life and niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. [more...]

A Catholic Response to the "Call to Civility"
Source: C-FAM
Catholic Laymen in the Public Square [more...]

'Bella' turns in highest per screen performance
Source: WorldNetDaily
Secret of opening weekend was passion of 1st-time filmmakers [more...]

Pope Says Abortion Not a Human Right
Source: Reuters
Pope Benedict rejected the concept that abortion [more...]

Walkers Trek to Steps of Canadian Government
Source: Canadian Catholic News
A group of young people wearing white T-shirts [more...]

Canadian Walk Receives Warm Welcome at Parliament
Source: LifeSite News
Media ignores event and focuses on pro-choice group [more...]

Pro-life x-country walkers seek to save lives
They walk and pray and walk some more and pray some more [more...]

Pro-Life Students Stop in Boston on Pro-Life Walk
For both the old and young, walking is a great way to exercise but few people would ever envision getting on the highways and byways of America [more...]

Crossroads Walkers Inspire Listeners in Toronto
The Crossroads Canada team of young pro-life walkers spent a very busy weekend in Toronto last weekend [more...]

Pro-life pilgrims make stop in Boston
Source: The Pilot Newspaper
Walking to raise awareness of the pro-life cause, participants in the summer Crossroads Pro-Life Walk [more...]

Walking across America to promote life
Source: The Catholic Telegraph
The two people walking briskly on U.S. Route 40 through the central part of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati [more...]

Yount People are Walking to Pro-Life Rally
Source: The Herald Democrat
A number of teens who take a different approach to the long, hot days of summer [more...]

Canada's Crossroads Walkers Enter Toronto
Source: LifeSite News
With thousands of kilometers behind them and just over two weeks away from their final goal at Parliament Hill [more...]

Pro-Life Walkers Pass Through Sudbury
Source: The Sudbury Star
Eight youth aged 18 to 30 came to Sudbury on Friday, July 20th as part of the annual Crossroads [more...]

Walkers Brave Weather, Insults Witnessing for Life
Source: The Catholic Key
They don't mind the occasional obscene gestures or curse words tossed at them as they [more...]

BC Group Does First Crossroads Walk Across Canada
Source: The Sault Star
The Western Standard writer and five other young adults are participating [more...]

Crossroads Walkers Through the Canadian Prairies
Source: LifeSite News
After several weeks spent walking through the visual monotony of the prairies, the Crossroads Canada walkers [more...]

Cross-country Walkers Stop Through Shreveport
Source: The Shreveport Times
With five states down and six to go, some young adults are stopping in Shreveport during their cross-country walk. [more...]

Crossroads Pro-Life Walkers Stop in Salt Lake City
Source: Intermountain Catholic
Just days after Cassandra Blanco, 21, of Deltona, Fla., walked off the stage of Florida State University with her diploma in her hand [more...]

600 Miles-Canada’s Crossroads Walk Going Strong
Source: LifeSite News
Since the six walkers of the Canadian version of the pro-life Crossroads walk began their cross-Canada trek on May 19 with a lap around Vancouver’s Stanley Park [more...]

Students Begin Pro-Life Walk Across Canada
Source: LifeSite News
Cyril Doll, the organizer of the new Canadian version of the now-famous Crossroads walk is on the phone. He sounds a little groggy. [more...]

Dredd Scott Granddaughter fights for Unborn
In March 1856, a slave named Dred Scott was judged by the US Supreme Court to be less than a person. [more...]

Terri Schiavo Memorial Unveiled
Source: North Country Gazette
A national memorial to the life and legacy of Terri Schindler Schiavo was unveiled Wednesday [more...]

Crossroads Takes Students Across the US
Source: The Heights - Boston College
Anti-abortion activists walk to spread message [more...]

Students Complete Pro-Life Walk Across America
Source: Spero News
The three groups, consisting of about a dozen volunteers each, walked over 9,500 miles through 31 states, and spoke to countless individuals along their journey. [more...]

Pro-Lifers Near End of Cross-Country Journey
Source: Catholic Online
"It's difficult to walk in the heat, but what keeps all of us going, I think, is knowing that the purpose of our pilgrimage is to witness [more...]

Crossroads Group Spreads Pro-Life Message
Source: Herald Standard
That said it all for the 14 young adults gathered in the hall at St. George Maronite Church in Uniontown [more...]

Crossroads Makes Stop in Newark
Source: The Advocate
Group raises awareness, funds for pro-life cause [more...]

It takes a pretty good cause to trek across US
Source: The Bakersfield Californian
Talk about walking the walk..Sarah Gallaher has made a summer of it [more...]

Crossroads walkers use prayers, feet for life
Source: The Catholic Key
Two months into their pro-life trek across America, a dozen university students [more...]

Walk against abortion makes stop in St. Louis
Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch
A group of 13 young anti-abortion activists, including three from the St. Louis area [more...]

Benedictine student ‘walks her talk’
Source: The Catholic Explorer
Jamie Racki, a junior at Benedictine University in Lisle [more...]

3,000-Mile Pro-Life Walk Passes Mid-America
Source: The Christian Post
Groups of pro-life college students from across [more...]

Pro-Life Walkers Reach Halfway Point
Three groups of pro-life college students have [more...]

Pro-Life Walkers Stop in New Ulm
Source: The Journal Online
With Bon Jovi’s song “Livin’ on a Prayer” playing over the RV camper’s speakers [more...]

'Crossroads' pro-life youth walk across country
Source: Black Hills Pioneer
At 3:30 in the morning a lone figure can be seen limping along the side of Interstate 90 [more...]

Student on Move for Pro-Life Cause
Source: The Catholic Sentinel
Nick Paradis figures he really should have landed a summer job [more...]

Pope Outlines Future Papacy
Source: Catholic News Service
Pope, in spotlight, outlines priorities, style of emerging papacy [more...]

Pro-Life Youth Walk Across America and Germany
Source: Agape Press
Pro-life youth who spent the summer walking across America are now doing the same thing in Europe [more...]

Pro-Life Californian Walks Across U.S. and Europe
Miles Foley of Citrus Heights, California, spent his summer walking 3,000 miles [more...]

American pro-life youth begin WYD Pro-Life Walk
Source: Catholic News Association
35 Young people who have just completed 3 simultaneous walks acrsoss the U.S. [more...]

Pro Life Walkers Face the Heat
Source: World Reformed Fellowship
A group of college students who are walking across America [more...]

Walking For Life
Source: Catholic New York
Nobody can accuse the college students participating in this summer's journey across the US [more...]

Pro-Life Youth Nearing End of Walk
Source: Agape Press
A group of young pro=lifers is nearing the end of [more...]

Christians Walk Cross-Country for the Unborn
Source: The Path
Nearing the conclusion of their journeys across the country [more...]

Christians Walk Cross-Country for Christ
Source: The Christian Post
Nearing the conclusion of their journeys across the country [more...]

Cross-Country Walk For Life Continues
Source: Dakota Voice
Walkers not relying on court nominees to change our culture [more...]

Pro-life Walkers Meet Baby Saved from Abortion
Source: The Catholic Key
They probably didn't need a reminder of why they were walking [more...]

Crossroads: Touching Millions One Life at a Time
Source: The Christian Post
Crossroads began in 1995 in Steubenville, Ohio by a group of 40 [more...]

Love is propelling him onward
Source: South Bend Tribune
St. Joe grad is walking across country to honor mother and pro-life views. [more...]

Blisters part of the drill for Pro-Life Walkers
Source: Catholic Online
"I am a survivor of abortion," Dave Bathon told the Catholic Explorer [more...]

Life message has Mercy grad walking across U.S.
Source: The Catholic Voice
This summer, Jenna Wilson walks with a mission [more...]

Everything Awesome is Hard
Source: Los Angeles Lay Catholic Mission
Sacrificial Pilgrimage for the Unborn: On a hot day, in the middle of an endless desert [more...]

Pope John Paul II: 1920-2005
His Holiness, Pope John Paul II, died late Saturday night, April 2 [more...]

Abortion Opponents Unite on the Mall
Source: The Washington Post
Thousands march Against Roe v. Wade. [more...]

Crossroads: Taking steps to save lives
Source: The Catholic Standard & Times
Three from DeSales — They spent their summer walking across the country with Crossroads. [more...]

College Students Complete 3,000 Mile Walk
Source: The Christian Post
Thirty Pro-Life students from colleges and universities... [more...]

Pro-Life Students Walk Across America to Highlight
Source: Life News
Each year, a group of college students... [more...]

"Anti-Abortion" Walk Stops in Charlotte
Source: The Charlotte Observer
A dozen college-age students walking across America... [more...]

Pro-Life Students Visit Arden Church
Source: The Citizen-Times
Last summer, Matt Maes was working in the shipping and receiving department... [more...]

Young Adults Walk Across the Country...
Source: The Shreveport Times
"With faith and passion for their cause... [more...]

Group Crosses Roads to Spread Life-Saving Message
Source: Sweetwater Reporter
Wednesday morning a group of young people... [more...]

Annual Cross-Country Trek Inspired by Pope's Words
Source: Denver Catholic Register
Crossroads pro-life walkers speak at numerous parishes in metro area. [more...]

Pro-Life Walk Passes Through Indiana
Source: Catholic News Service
Walkers say if they save one baby tough cross-country trek worth it [more...]

Crossroads Pro-Life Walk - Kickoff 2003
Source: California Right to Life
As the heavy fog swirled in the early afternoon of May 29th [more...]

Student keeps spreading Pro-Life message
Source: St. Louis Review
"By being Catholic and being pro-life, I need to promote a culture of life" [more...]

Crossroads Walkers Arrive in Washington
Source: The Catholic Standard
After walking 3,100 miles across America, the walkers [more...]

Australian Priest Crosses America With 'Holy Kids'
Source: CNS News
An Australian Catholic priest has led a group [more...]

Pro-life Pilgrims Walk Southeast to New Orleans
Source: Clarion Herald
The 50day walking pilgrimage from Florida to New Orleans [more...]

Young People Walk Across U.S. to Protest Abortion
Source: Denver Catholic Register
Sacrifice and prayer are weapons of 3,300 mile pilgrimage [more...]

Sacrificing a Summer to Save Babies
Source: Catholic San Francisco
Eager young adults from across the nation and gray-haired pro-life activists from San Francisco gathered [more...]

Pro-Life Marchers Threatened with Arrest at Golden
Source: Agape Press
On Monday, the most photographed bridge in the world [more...]

Pro-Life T-Shirts Banned On Golden Gate Bridge
Crossroads, a group which walks across the uS to herald the pro-life message [more...]

Pro-lifers censored in San Francisco
Source: American Voice Institute
'Overzealous' officers demand bridge walkers remove T-shirts [more...]

Crossroads, Walkin' on Behalf of the Unborn
Source: The Interim
It's a long, arduous journey... [more...]

Pro-life Sacrifice
Source: Celebrate Life
Most of us have heard, read, or seen on a bumper sticker [more...]

Rocker Stands Firm for Life
Source: Catholic Educator's Resource Center
It's not often that the terms “hard-rock music” and “pro-life activism” are spoken in the same sentence [more...]

Three-Month Pro-Life Walk Ends at Supreme Court
Source: Arlington Catholic Herald
This is the first time 22-year old Ben DeYoung has walked 3,000 miles with Crossroads [more...]

Spreading the pro-life message on campus
Source: Our Sunday Visitor
While most college students are spending their summers in more conventional pursuits [more...]

Youth Begin 5th Annual Pro-Life Trek Across U.S.
Source: Catholic World News
A group of college students began their 5th annual walk across America [more...]

Walking the Walk
Source: Envoy Magazine
When the 1994 Mississippi floods made national news [more...]

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